Bmaps Terms of Use

Bmaps is a navigation app (hereinafter, "the App") provided by Mirairo Inc. (hereinafter, "Mirairo."). Customers using the App (hereinafter, "Users") do so with their prior consent to this User Agreement.

Users shall be considered to have consented to this User Agreement when they download, install, and/or use the App.

Article 1: Scope of this User Agreement

This User Agreement between Users and Mirairo. shall apply to all forms of use of the App.

Article 2: Usage Entitlements

Mirairo. shall grant to Users the non-exclusive and non-transferable rights stipulated in the following provisions.

(1) The right to download from iTunes Store or GooglePlay (hereinafter, "App Distribution Platforms") and install the App on the User's terminal.

(2) The right to use navigation functions by launching the App and viewing or using loaded map data.

(3) The right to use, through the App, distribution content obtained by launching the App and connecting to the network.

Article 3: Matters for Adherence

With regard to using the App, Users shall adhere to items stipulated in the following provisions.

(1) Users shall not operate the App or stare at the display screen while walking or driving.

(2) Users shall not use the App in a place that will obstruct driving, or obstruct the visual field of a driver, or in a place that will obstruct the operation of safety mechanisms.

(3) Users shall recognize that the navigation functions of the App are for reference purposes and do not take priority over actual traffic regulations or road conditions.

Article 4: Matters of Consent

With regard to using the App, Users shall consent to the items stipulated in the following provisions.

(1) Location information provided by the App may, due to the usage environment, GPS satellite reception, etc., not display a location, or may produce a discrepancy with an actual location.

(2) Map information (including facility/building information, etc.) displayed by the App may have discrepancies with current, up-to-date locations.

(3) Due to a User moving to a location (inside buildings, underground, etc.) not supporting network connections, all or part of the App's functions may become temporarily unavailable.

(4) Mirairo. may collect and/or use technical and related information (including but not limited to information related to the hardware or peripheral devices a User uses, and location information (latitude and longitude coordinates)).

(5) The technical and related information stipulated in the preceding Clause may be regularly collected in order to provide App-related updates, support services, or other services for Users; said information may be used to the extent that it does not distinguish specific Users.

(6) Operation of the App is not guaranteed for all terminals on which the App can be installed.

(7) Should problems arise in accessing an App Distribution Platform, Users are to contact the App Distribution Platform's user support.

(8) Should a User cause an accident while using the App, Mirairo. shall bear no liability whatsoever.

Article 5: Management of Email Address and Password

Users are responsible for the management of their email address and password used in the App. Additionally, Users agree to be liable to Mirairo. for all activity and actions undertaken under their registered email address.

If you suspect any unauthorized use of your email address and password, please contact Mirairo.

Article 6: Prohibited Conduct

With regard to using the App, Users shall not engage in the conduct stipulated in the following provisions.

Mirairo. reserve the right to suspend a User's continued use of the App in the event that the User in question is involved in an act that is prohibited by these Terms. In addition, Users shall be liable for compensating any damages that may have been incurred as a result of their violation.

(1) Modifying, reverse assembling, reverse compiling, or reverse engineering the App.

(2) Conduct that imposes a burden on the server used by the App, and conduct that interferes with another User's access to or operation of the App.

(3) Usage of the App (for commercial or for-profit intent) that exceeds personal use.

(4) Inappropriate expressions, including slander, defamation, complaining, or discriminatory language, toward Mirairo. or a third party.

(5) Conduct that actually or potentially damages the copyrights, trademark rights, privacy rights, portrait rights, reputation rights, or other rights of Mirairo. or a third party.

(6) Expressing comments actually or potentially containing content against laws and public order or morality.

(7) Any other conduct deemed inappropriate by Mirairo.

Article 7: Ownership of Copyrights, etc.

All rights pertaining to the App (including the program of the App), as well as those of any text, images, video, designs, trademarks published on the App, and all other content associated with this service (hereinafter, "Content"), belong exclusively to Mirairo. or the respective third party with legal ownership of these rights. With the exception of the circumstances specified in these Terms, all acts that infringe on the rights of Mirairo. as well as those of third parties with ownership of these rights, including the reproduction, editing, modification, analysis, publication, broadcast, display, distribution, transfer, lending, translation, adaptation, sending, reprinting, recording, relicensing, registration or filing of rights, etc., of the App, or any Content on the App, without the prior consent of Mirairo., are strictly prohibited.

Article 8: Handling of Online Word of Mouth

1. Should an App User post word-of-mouth comment(s) about the App online, said User shall, as of the time the comment(s) is posted, consent to allow Mirairo., or a third party that has received a sublicense from Mirairo. for use of the App, to use (including summarize, excerpt, etc.), free of charge, said posted comment(s), based on rights to duplicate, publicly transmit, distribute, translate, adapt, or similarly use per copyright laws, said word-of-mouth information inside or outside Japan, until the expiration of said copyrights.

2. Users of the App shall guarantee that User-posted word of mouth comment(s) about Mirairo. shall not infringe upon any of a third party's rights to duplication, public transmission, distribution, translation, or adaption, nor infringe upon similar rights per copyright laws.

Article 9: Limitation of Liability

1. Mirairo. shall not be liable for any damages incurred by Users as a result of interruptions or delays on the App, the suspension of the App, or the loss of data on the App.

2. Mirairo. may, without prior notice to Users, temporarily suspend or halt provision of information, due to updating, adding, changing, or deleting information, or due to partial revision or abolition, system maintenance, or equipment/transmission line malfunction, or due to the occurrence of other phenomena, such as unavoidable cessation, power blackout, or natural disaster.

3. Mirairo. shall not guarantee the credibility, legitimacy, validity, appropriateness, or accuracy of the information provided by Users on the App. In addition, Mirairo. shall not be liable for any damages incurred by Users (including their loss of profits, liabilities for compensation of damages to third parties, etc., as well as other associated damages) as a result of the use of any Content provided by Users (including all information edited or uploaded by other Users).

4. Neither Mirairo. nor the information providers with whom Mirairo. have an existing license agreement shall be liable for any damages incurred from the use of the App.

5. Users shall be responsible for the use of all information provided by other Users on the App.

6. With regard to damage(s) arising from a User's violation of this User Agreement, or other regulations, Mirairo. shall bear no liability whatsoever.

7. Trouble and dispute between Users shall be resolved between said Users and Mirairo. shall bear no liability whatsoever.

Article 10: App Suspension, Changes, and Discontinuance

1. Mirairo. does not guarantee the continuance of the App.

2. Mirairo. reserve the right to suspend, modify, or terminate the App either wholly or in part at any point in time. Mirairo. shall not be liable for any damages that may result from the inability to use the App (including the Users' loss of profits, liabilities for compensation of damages to third parties, etc., as well as other associated damages).

Article 11: Deletion of Posts, User Suspension, and Termination of Membership

In order to ensure the proper operation of the services related to the App, Users shall consent in advance that under the following circumstances, Mirairo. reserve the right to adopt measures including deleting any data or Content, deleting posts or comments made by Users, suspending the access of Users to all or part of our services, or terminating their membership on the App, without offering advance notice to them. In addition, in the event that Users have registered multiple email addresses, Mirairo. may take action against all of their registered email addresses.

(1) If Users have violated the provisions set forth in these Terms, or if they are deemed to be at risk of doing so

(2) When Mirairo. deem that a User's credibility has become unstable, such as receiving notice of, or initiating, bankruptcy or civil rehabilitation proceedings

(3) If the App is registered under or in use by anti-social forces, or any of their members or affiliated parties, or if such a situation is deemed to be likely

(4) If Users have not used the App for some time

(5) Other cases when Mirairo. deem that it will be problematic to maintain a contractual relationship with a User, such as cases in which trustworthy relationships with a User have been lost

Article 12: Changes to the User Agreement

Mirairo. may make changes to the User Agreement. The changed User Agreement shall take effect from the time that it is publicly disclosed.

Should a User not agree to the changed User Agreement, said user shall immediately delete the App from his/her terminal.

If a User uses the App after the User Agreement has been changed, said User shall be considered in agreement with said changes.

Article 12: Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction by Agreement

This User Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan. In the case of a legal dispute over this User Agreement, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.

Enacted: June 24, 2016

Revised: July 1, 2020

[Application, Mutatis Mutandis]

The User Agreement on the Company's website shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to details not specified above.

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