Bmaps Privacy Policy

The specified nonprofit corporation CANPAN Center and Mirairo Inc. (referred to hereafter as “this Center et al”) shall jointly use personal information from the Bmaps barrier-free information sharing application service. With regard to the handling of that data, this Center et al will establish policies for safeguarding personal information, recognizing that appropriately and safely managing data is a company responsibility. All employees and staff will abide by those policies, and work diligently to protect personal information.

1. As much as possible, this Center et al will designate purposes of use for personal information, and handle the data appropriately within the limits of achieving those purposes.

2. When this Center et al manages personal information, it will take appropriate preventative and corrective measures to guard against disclosure, loss, and falsification, as well as other safety control measures.

3.This Center et al will obtain personal information through legal and proper means.

4.This Center et al will comply with laws related to personal information, and with the in-house regulations based on policies for the safeguarding of personal information.

[Definition of Personal Information]

It is defined as information relating to an individual which allows them to be identified through descriptors included in that information, such as their name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address, workplace or other descriptors.

This also includes relevant information which cannot be used for personal identification by itself, but can be easily compared with other information to result in personal identification.

[Purposes of Use for Personal Information]

The purposes of use by this Center et al for personal information are as follows.

1. Providing services for users.

2. Campaigns, surveys, applications for monitoring, etc. by this Center et al.

3. Introducing in-house products, services, etc. provided by this Center et al.

4. Answering inquiries related to services provided by this Center et al.

5. Confirming the identity of users at login.

6. Creating user-related statistical data after processing the data into a form where identifying individual users through users’ personal information is not possible.

7. Service improvements targeted at users.

[Providing Personal Information]

As a general rule, when providing personal information to a third party, this Center et al will obtain the consent of the person in question.

However, in the following cases, this Center et al may provide personal information without obtaining consent from the person in question.

1. If it is permitted by law.

2. If disclosure is requested by a court, a public prosecutor’s office, the police, a bar association or an institution which has the corresponding privileges as these.

3. If it is judged that the person in question will fatally harm or injure a member of this company or a third party, or cause damage to their assets or other legal rights and interests.

[If Personal Information is not Provided]

Regarding operation of each service, in the event that users do not enter necessary data items, they may be unable to receive corresponding services.

[Outsourcing of Personal Information Handling]

This Center et al may outsource a portion or all of its personal information management operations to external entities.

[About Handling of Personal Information]

In order to prevent and rectify any loss, disclosure, misuse, etc. of the personal information it handles, this Center et al will enforce appropriate security measures and work to take steps to safeguard against improper access, viruses, etc.

[Revisions, etc. to Personal Information]

If contacted by email about revisions, additions or deletions of personal information, this Center et al will take prompt action.

[Changes to Purposes of Use of Personal Information]

In the event that this Center et al makes changes to the purposes of use of personal information, it will inform the person in question about the new purposes of use, and obtain their consent.

[About the Creation of Statistical Data]

In order to improve services, this Center et al may create statistical data based on registered personal information, which has been processed so that individual users cannot be identified. With regard to this sort of data, it will be treated as having no restrictions for usage.

[Changes to the Privacy Policy]

This Center et al may make changes to the content of these provisions at any time. In that case, this Center et al will make an announcement on this site.


Please send inquiries about the handling of personal information to the following email addresses.

Mirairo Inc.

〒532-0011 Osaka, Osaka, Yodogawa-ku, Nishi-Nakajima 3-8-15 Shin-Osaka Matsushima Building 8F

Phone: 06-6195-7853


Specified Nonprofit Corporation CANPAN Center Personal Information Protection Counter

Personal Information Protection Managing Supervisor Yasuhisa Yamada

〒107-8404 Tokyo, Minato-ku, Akasaka 1-2-2 Nihon Zaidan Building 5F


    Established 2016/12/1

    Revised 2018/6/1